Saturday, June 25, 2016

How to Howl Yellow Moon

Small and medium covered.  The hybrids and anything with SJW component probably won't get much use but good to have present.  Heavy use on the LOD, small nymphs and that new line of fur "symph" derivative of the Ivy Pheasant Tail Craw.
Big flies covered.  I bought a bunch of rabbit strip but then in digging through my inventory could not justify the time to tie more meat streamers.  Rather, look forward to what would be the best problem one could possibly have: depletion of giant carp flies due to assault and battery and theft by bruisingly large strong fish in two feet of water.  If we are found palmering bunny strips at night in hotel rooms you can mark it down as a "good MF day."

I like this size and I like the headstands.  The split tail come of the pheasant splayed.  Two different weights per DB eyes.  My vision here is resting these in the bays; waiting; twitching and dragging when the intersect is right.  Or: maybe they just get mauled as they sink.  That would work too.

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